Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

CRYSTAL kelp when used regularly, normalizes blood pressure and decreases blood viscosity. Laminaria is used as a prophylactic treatment and treatment for existing disease following: 

  1. Changing the quality of blood. As we age, it becomes more dense. And the thicker the blood, so it is more difficult to flow through the vessels. The cause thickening can be, for example, complex diseases such as diabetes or autoimmune disease.

  2. Reduced elasticity of blood vessels. By this system results in improper nutrition, increased stress, certain medications.

  3. The formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which are formed at elevated content in the blood of "bad" cholesterol.

  4. A sharp change in the lumen of the vessel, caused by hormones.

  5. Malfunction of the endocrine system.

Vitamins A, E and C, all of which slow down the aging process in the body and are essential for the immune system. Vitamin D - with the help of the human body is completely absorbed phosphorus and calcium. Vitamins B1 and B2 - all stimulate the metabolism. Vitamins B6 and PP - responsible for the condition of nails, hair and skin. Macro- and trace elements: Na (sodium), Ca (calcium), K (potassium), Cl (chlorine), Mg (magnesium), and, of course, I (iodine). These substances are responsible for the normal functioning of the heart, blood vessels, thyroid gland and other organs and systems.

Type high-molecular polysaccharides which lead to normal metabolism, cholesterol monitor, water and salt balance, do not allow blood to form clots.

Regular use of Crystal kelp has a beneficial effect on the blood condition, it reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks, strokes, and also has the ability to normalize the menstrual cycle in women.

Normal blood pressure is considered to be as follows:


Age Men Women
20 123/76 116/72
До 30 126/79 120/75
30 – 40 129/81 127/80
40 – 50 135/83 137/84
50 – 60 142/85 144/85
older 70 142/80 159/85

The course - designed for at least 6 months. The course consists of 1 month of receipt of the product, and then 2 month break.

Specified Application in Table on page production.

Contraindications: hyperthyroidism (an overabundance of iodine in the body).

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