Prevention and treatment of diabetes

Prevention and treatment of diabetes

Crystal kelp :

  • Helps in different diseases, one of which is diabetes.

  • It stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin for diabetics is why it is recommended to take regularly.

  • It stabilizes the disease, prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, as contained in her tartan acid prevents the deposition and accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels.

The main danger of the disease; is the development of hyperglycemic coma, which may lead to irreversible lesions in the body, and even death. Dangerous diabetes and other serious complications. The disease is accompanied by violations of all types of metabolism, including carbohydrate, fat, protein and water-salt. This leads to serious damage of internal organs and systems of life.

Signs of diabetes are different

  • frequent urination and feeling an unquenchable thirst, leading to dehydration;

  • rapid weight loss, often in spite of the constant feeling of hunger;

  • feeling of weakness or tiredness;

  • blurred vision ("white veil" in front of the eyes);

  • problems with sexual activity;

  • numbness and tingling in the extremities numb;

  • a feeling of heaviness in the legs;

  • dizziness;

  • slow treatment of infectious diseases;

  • slow wound healing;

  • body temperature drop below the average mark;

  • fast fatiguability;

  • leg cramps;

  • itching and itching in the perineum;

  • furunculosis;

  • precordial pain.

The course lasts for at least 6 months. The course consists of 1 month of receipt of the product, and then 2 month break.

Specified Application in Table on product page.

Contraindications: hyperthyroidism (an overabundance of iodine in the body).

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