Treatment of joints and varicose veins

Treatment of joints and varicose veins

CRYSTAL kelp and has anticoagulant properties, that is, prevents the increase in blood clotting and thrombus formation. The decrease in prothrombin index (the so-called one of the most important laboratory parameters allowing to control the tendency to thrombosis) play an important role vitamins B6, C, niacin and others contained in the crystal kelp. From sea water saturated with hundreds of different organic and inorganic compounds, algae extract necessary for their metabolic nutrients, turning into biologically active compounds, which can have a salutary effect on the human body.

CRYSTAL kelp reduces pain and inflammation in the joints caused by rheumatoid arthritis. This kelp is effective for external and for internal use. Active ingredients CRYSTAL kelp, such as carotene, fucoidan, mannitol and bromine, nourish the bones and joints. Kelp is able to easily replace costly vitamin complexes! Laminaria as a pump, pumping of seawater and accumulates trace elements and biologically active compounds.

Minerals algae mostly (75-85%) are water-soluble potassium and sodium salts (chlorides, sulfates). The seaweed contains relatively large amounts of calcium: 100 grams. seaweed - 155 ml.

The course - designed for at least 6 months. The course consists of 1 month of receipt of the product, and then 2 month break.

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Contraindications: hyperthyroidism (an overabundance of iodine in the body).

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