Live gel Algofrut

Gel "Algofrut", as an antiseptic, disinfects the wound, relieves pain, promotes rapid healing, softens calluses, scars, regenerates skin tissue.

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Live gel "Algofrut" - a product that is based on extracts from seaweed, kelp (brown, red, sugar, bladder wrack). These kelp have various medicinal properties.

It is applied for:

  • healing surface wounds on the body
  • healing wounds in the oral cavity
  • healing sinusitis wound
  • healing in the cavity of the rectum (hemorrhoids)
  • healing of wounds in dermatology
  • wrinkles, scars

Use and dosage

For the healing of superficial wounds on the body (burns, cuts, sores, pressure sores, abrasions) Abundantly treat wound gel (depending on the area of the wound do10-20 1 drops to children can be diluted in half with pure water) 2-3 times a day. If necessary, cover the wound with a sterile gel-treated swab (or tracing paper, you can clean cabbage leaves) and bandage. Burns and bedsores is better not to bandage.
For healing wounds in the oral cavity (periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, sore throat) 2-5 drops of dilute gel into a half tablespoon of pure water and run for 1minute rinse 3-5 times daily. After the procedure, it is desirable to 1-2 hours do not drink do not have.
For healing sinusitis On ear wand add a layer of fleece (increase swab) apply 3-5 drops of gel, to introduce the swab into the nostril and lie on the same side for 20-30 minutes. If necessary, the same is done with the other nostril.
For the healing of wounds in the cavity of the rectum (hemorrhoids) Under internal hemorrhoids - 2-20 Gel droplets dissolve half with pure water, and using a syringe (without a needle or syringe) to enter into the rectum 2 times per day. When naruzhnom- 2-5 drops of gel to put on a cabbage leaf, applied to the anus, tight squeeze of underwear.
For the healing of wounds in dermatology (acne, dermatitis, cracks on the hands, on the heels) Steam on the "water bath" the necessary space. Apply the gel droplets 2-5 (preferably 2-3 times a day), to create a "bath effect" (superimpose compress wrap) for 10-30 min.
In cosmetology (for wrinkles, scars) Steam on the "water bath" the necessary space. Apply 1-3 drops of the gel. After 3-7 minutes the same place moisten with clean water - to give the gel a "second life" (if possible - can be given a "third life" can be left overnight or wash off with clean water).
Chemical composition


Chlorine 9,8-14,7
Magnesium 1,0-2,1
Phosphorus 0,31-0,55
Iron 0,09-0,19
Strontium 0,002-0,02
Zinc 0,0018-0,0027
Rubidium (0,6-1,0)x10-4
Nickel 0,2-8,3×10-5
Radium (1,0-56,0)x10-11
Potassium 6,4-7,8
Sulfur 0,7-1,9
Calcium 0,2-0,29
Bromine 0,034-0,13
Manganese 0,0006-0,0015
Aluminum 0,0058-0,0062
Cobalt 1,5×10-4
Molybdenum (1,6-9,6)x10-5
Iodine 0,16-0,8
Sodium 3,6-3,8
Silicon 0,46-0,65
Arsenic 0,0007-0,005
boron 0,003-0,04
Vanadium 0,0016
Titanium (5,4-6,0)x10-4
Cadmium 1,4×10-5
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